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Peers exchange knowledge and experience how to overcome complex innovation challenges

You are responsible for the success of multi innovation initiatives and facing some complex innovation challenges for which no simple logic solution is available. You know that many of these complex challenges looks like an innovation paradox: uncertainty and unpredictable outcome. Any solution you choose must be a synthesis accepted by all relevant stakeholders in your organization.

Some examples of complex innovation challenges:

  • How to align business and innovation strategy and to balance economic value and sustainability objectives?
  • How to allocate the right resources and funding in the battle between other innovation initiatives or running business programs?
  • How to design and develop complex and dynamic business cases in ever changing business environment?
  • How to communicate and convince the business leaders to take the right decisions and overcome severe risks?
  • How to organize and manage complex partnerships for co-development and how to organize Open Innovation?
  • How to use technology and digital tools in an innovation process?
  • And many other challenges …

There is no sustainable solution for these challenges. Any solution needs to be designed specificly for your business situation and can be used in a certain timeframe. The process of designing and realizing solutions is tough and requires a combination of different perspectives for the complex challenge. This peer platform offers Strategist, Innovators and New Business Developers a safe peer community to share insight and co-develop scenarios for challenging complex innovation challenges. It’s not the objective to design your specific solution but to share, learn, experiment in this community with peers in order to co-design possible solution scenarios.

We understand that this kind of community requires a safe environment (no sales agents, no consultants and no competitors) and real peer level professionals from others organizations facing similar challenges in innovation.

Peers = similar profile and responsibilities but working in different type of industries and organizations.



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Way of work

Four times a year, peers will meet each other and focus on a specific innovation challenge. For preparation, digital state-of-the-art knowledge will be shared via our digital knowledgebase (access is invitation only based). When we meet, the topic will be started-off by an external senior expert in the relevant topic. During the interactive meeting peers will share, learn, experiment and design in an iterative step based process. After the meeting all participants will be loaded with new insight and concrete examples able to apply in their own organization.

The meetings will be scheduled each quarter on a Tuesday or Thursday from 4 pm until 8 pm (to avoid traffic jams) and includes a warm buffet. We meet at a central inspiring location in The Netherlands and easy access by car or public transport.

Each participant will contribute to the operational costs of the platform meetings and digital knowledge base via an annual fee  € 1.250,00 exclusive VAT. Participation will stop automatically at the end of the year. This enables you to decide if you want to extend your participation with another year or not.

We hope to welcome you as the next participant in our peer platform innovation management. If you have any additional questions please contact me.

Koen Klokgieters





Koen Klokgieters,

CEO InnoPlot, Platform Lead  +31 (0) 6 46 93 45 77

Gerhard Zervaas,

Partner InnoPlot, Digital Platform Moderator  +31 (0) 6 42 11 11 37

Participation is limited to two persons of the same company.

Fee for participation is based on a yearly subscription of € 1.250,- (exl. VAT) per articipant.  Participation inludes 4 meet-ups (materials and diner) per year and access to the digital community (knowledge & innovation network).