Digital Innovation

The objective of Digital Innovation is create new business value by exploring and exploiting Big Data Analytics 

Big Data Analytics -AI – IoT – IIoT – Gamification – DLT

How to valorise Big Data? What would be the right approach? Which tools are effective to use? How do we use the outcome of analytics in the decision making process?  How to deal with legal and compliance issues ?

Examples of deliverables:

  • Big Data Strategy
  • Internet of Things (IoT) concepts & models
  • Artificial Intelligent (AI) concepts & models
  • Blochchain (DLT) concepts & models
  • Gamification concepts & models
  • Smart Algoritmes for predictive analytics (Bayesian Belief Network)
  • Data Management approach for (Market & Customer data, (Industry) Internet of Things )
  • Proof of Concept for decision making 4.0
  • Management reporting and visualisation

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