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What we do
InnoPlot creates solutions for complex innovation challenges and stimulates entrepreneurship. We are able to bring back complexity to the level of addressable building blocks for our customers in such a way that they can handle issues and make decisions based on facts and figures.

We see that complexity is increasing fast due to a combination of trends and business drivers: disruptive technology, fast track digitalisation of processes, robotics, new business models, integration of multi knowledge domains and collaboration and co-development at a global level.

Innovation is becoming a complex game and is all about how to handle many uncertainties with a high business impact. Uncertainties ask to think in scenarios instead of one right solution.

The different scenarios need to build on solid fact and figures instead of just good leadership intuition. For this InnoPlot make use of innovative predictive analytics tools to create insights for each scenario relevant for customers.

Many of our customer are technology driven and includes functions as R&D (Research & Development), Operations (Manufacturing & Logistics) and Commerce (Marketing & Sales). Complex innovations requires an integrated approach of all functions and often includes external partners as well. This requires a unique but complex dynamic collaboration, insight and decision making.

Using the strengths of InnoPlot’s extended network of partners, we deliver tailor made solutions together with our customers. We have access to the state-of-art technologies, latest market insights and most experienced management approaches, and we share this with our customers and partners.

We are technology in depended, cross industry experienced and deliver at a global scale.

Front End Innovation

The objective of Front End innovation is to build an external eco-system for innovation partnerships, scouting of new disruptive technologies and new knowledge domains relevant for your business.

Innovation Management

The objective of Innovation Management is to design and implement the company’s innovatie strategy and to develop and execute an effective innovation decision making process

Innovation Operating Model

The objective of  Innovation Operating Model is to develop and execute new processes, products and application and launch it in the market.

Innovation Culture

The objective of Innovation Culture is to design and stimulate an innovative leadership and workforce attitude to deliver innovations and create new business value.

Financing Innovation

The objective of Financing Innovation is to create access to and allocate financial assets (internal and external) to innovation initiatives.


The objective of Technology2Market is a successful product, service or application launch and capture new business value.
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